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:: Accommodation Categories ::   HOTELS
Hotels in Bucharest
- 7 Hotel Bucharest
- Ambasador Hotel Bucharest
- Andy Hotel Bucharest
- Antheus Hotel Bucharest
- APARTHOMES Hotel Bucharest
- Armonia Hotel Bucharest
- Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel Bucharest
- Berthelot Hotel Bucharest
- Best Western Parc Hotel Bucharest
- Bristol Hotel Bucharest
- Bucharest Comfort Suites Hotel Bucharest
- Cameliei Hotel Bucharest
- Capital Plaza Hotel Bucharest
- Capitol Hotel Bucharest
- Capsa Hotel Bucharest
- Caro Hotel Bucharest
- Casa Locato Hotel Bucharest
- Casa Victor Hotel Bucharest
- Central Hotel Bucharest
- Christina Hotel Bucharest
- Cinema Hotel Bucharest
- Citadella Hotel Bucharest
- Class Hotel Bucharest
- Confort Otopeni Hotel Bucharest
- Confort Rin Otopeni Hotel Bucharest
- Confort Traian Hotel Bucharest
- Continental Hotel Bucharest
- Crowne Plaza Hotel Bucharest
- Crystal Palace Hotel Bucharest
- Dacia Hotel Bucharest
- Dalin Hotel Bucharest
- Dan Hotel Bucharest
- Diplomat Hotel Bucharest
- Duke Hotel Bucharest
- El Greco Hotel Bucharest
- Elizeu Hotel Bucharest
- Epoque Hotel Bucharest
- Est Hotel Bucharest
- Gallery Hotel Bucharest
- Golden Tulip Sky Gate Hotel Bucharest
- Golden Tulip Times Hotel Bucharest
- Green Forum Hotel Bucharest
- Helvetia Hotel Bucharest
- Herastrau Hotel Bucharest
- Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel Bucharest
- Ibis Gara de Nord Hotel Bucharest
- Ibis Parliament House Hotel Bucharest
- Intercontinental Hotel Bucharest
- International Bucharest City Centre Hotel Bucharest
- Irisa Hotel Bucharest
- Johann Strauss Hotel Bucharest
- JW Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest
- Le Boutique Moxa Hotel Bucharest
- Lebada Hotel Bucharest
- Lev Or Hotel Bucharest
- Lido Hotel Bucharest
- Minerva Hotel Bucharest
- Monte Carlo Palace Hotel Bucharest
- Monte Nelly Hotel Bucharest
- Nelisse Hotel Bucharest
- NH Hotel Bucharest
- Opera Hotel Bucharest
- Parliament Hotel Bucharest
- Persepolis Hotel Bucharest
- Phoenicia Grand Hotel Bucharest
- Piccolo Mondo Hotel Bucharest
- Pullman Bucharest - World Trade Center Hotel Bucharest
- Radisson Blu Bucharest Hotel Bucharest
- Ramada Majestic Hotel Bucharest
- Ramada Parc Hotel Bucharest
- Ramada Plaza Bucharest Hotel Bucharest
- Rin Grand Hotel Bucharest
- Sofitel Hotel Bucharest
- Stil Hotel Bucharest
- SuterInn Hotel Bucharest
- Tempo Hotel Bucharest
- Tiny Club Hotel Bucharest
- Unique Hotel Bucharest
- Z Executive Boutique Hotel Bucharest
5 star hotels
4 star hotels
3 star hotels
2 star hotels
:: Accommodation Categories ::   PENSIONS
Pensions in Bucharest
- Casa Mica Pension Bucharest
- Casa Verde Pension Bucharest
- Motanul Galanton Pension Bucharest
- Sanliv Confort Pension Bucharest
:: Accommodation Categories ::   APARTMENTS
Apartments in Bucharest
- 1 Marriott Apartment Bucharest
- 10 Mall Apartment Bucharest
- 11 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 12 Near Lido Hotel Apartment Bucharest
- 13 Marriott Apartment Bucharest
- 14 Hilton Apartment Bucharest
- 15 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 16 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 17 Libertatii Apartment Bucharest
- 18 United Nations Apartment Bucharest
- 19 Camera Comert Apartment Bucharest
- 2 Mall Apartment Bucharest
- 20 Marriott Apartment Bucharest
- 21 Magheru Apartment Bucharest
- 22 Brezoianu Apartment Bucharest
- 24 Magheru Apartment Bucharest
- 25 Cantemir Apartment Bucharest
- 26 Intercontinental Apartment Bucharest
- 27 Romana Apartment Bucharest
- 28 Magheru Apartment Bucharest
- 29 Decebal Apartment Bucharest
- 3 Victoriei Apartment Bucharest
- 30 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 31 Decebal Apartment Bucharest
- 32 Magheru Blvd Apartment Bucharest
- 33 Sala Palatului Apartment Bucharest
- 34 Mall Apartment Bucharest
- 35 Magheru Apartment Bucharest
- 36 Long Term Rental Apartment Bucharest
- 37 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 38 Rossetti Apartment Bucharest
- 39 Balcescu Apartment Bucharest
- 4 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 40 Victoriei Apartment Bucharest
- 41 Libertatii Apartment Bucharest
- 42 Kogalniceanu Square Apartment Bucharest
- 43 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 44 United Nations Apartment Bucharest
- 45 Decebal Apartment Bucharest
- 46 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 47 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 48 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 49 Capitol Apartment Bucharest
- 5 Marriott Apartment Bucharest
- 50 Magheru Apartment Bucharest
- 6 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 7 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 8 Nerva Apartment Bucharest
- 9 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
:: Information ::
Bucharest & Brasov
Travel to Romania
Bucharest Weather
Romania Hostels
Nightlife in Bucharest
Embassies in Bucharest
Bucharest Map
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Our clients comments:
Jo (LONDON) - 9/24/2007
When you first see the location, you are stunned by its appearance. But all is not what it seem once you get inside. The interior is quite dark. Not much natural light. The hallway to your room has a lighting on a sensor switch. Which switches the lights off after a very short time (have to be quick to open the door to your room before the lights go out). For a place that claims to be a 5* hotel, this is certainly not the case. The rooms are small and the hidden costs like the internet are very expensive. If you are on a business trip, this hotel would be an expensive stay.
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