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Joi, 22 Aprilie 2021
Avangarden 3 Brasov

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Hoteluri in Bucuresti
- 7 Hotel Bucuresti
- Ambasador Hotel Bucuresti
- Andy Hotel Bucuresti
- Antheus Hotel Bucuresti
- APARTHOMES Hotel Bucuresti
- Armonia Hotel Bucuresti
- Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel Bucuresti
- Berthelot Hotel Bucuresti
- Best Western Parc Hotel Bucuresti
- Bristol Hotel Bucuresti
- Bucharest Comfort Suites Hotel Bucuresti
- Cameliei Hotel Bucuresti
- Capital Plaza Hotel Bucuresti
- Capitol Hotel Bucuresti
- Capsa Hotel Bucuresti
- Caro Hotel Bucuresti
- Casa Locato Hotel Bucuresti
- Casa Victor Hotel Bucuresti
- Central Hotel Bucuresti
- Christina Hotel Bucuresti
- Cinema Hotel Bucuresti
- Citadella Hotel Bucuresti
- Class Hotel Bucuresti
- Confort Otopeni Hotel Bucuresti
- Confort Rin Otopeni Hotel Bucuresti
- Confort Traian Hotel Bucuresti
- Continental Hotel Bucuresti
- Crowne Plaza Hotel Bucuresti
- Crystal Palace Hotel Bucuresti
- Dacia Hotel Bucuresti
- Dalin Hotel Bucuresti
- Dan Hotel Bucuresti
- Diplomat Hotel Bucuresti
- Duke Hotel Bucuresti
- El Greco Hotel Bucuresti
- Elizeu Hotel Bucuresti
- Epoque Hotel Bucuresti
- Est Hotel Bucuresti
- Gallery Hotel Bucuresti
- Golden Tulip Sky Gate Hotel Bucuresti
- Golden Tulip Times Hotel Bucuresti
- Green Forum Hotel Bucuresti
- Helvetia Hotel Bucuresti
- Herastrau Hotel Bucuresti
- Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel Bucuresti
- Ibis Gara de Nord Hotel Bucuresti
- Ibis Parliament House Hotel Bucuresti
- Intercontinental Hotel Bucuresti
- International Bucharest City Centre Hotel Bucuresti
- Irisa Hotel Bucuresti
- Johann Strauss Hotel Bucuresti
- JW Marriott Grand Hotel Bucuresti
- Le Boutique Moxa Hotel Bucuresti
- Lebada Hotel Bucuresti
- Lev Or Hotel Bucuresti
- Lido Hotel Bucuresti
- Minerva Hotel Bucuresti
- Monte Carlo Palace Hotel Bucuresti
- Monte Nelly Hotel Bucuresti
- Nelisse Hotel Bucuresti
- NH Hotel Bucuresti
- Opera Hotel Bucuresti
- Parliament Hotel Bucuresti
- Persepolis Hotel Bucuresti
- Phoenicia Grand Hotel Bucuresti
- Piccolo Mondo Hotel Bucuresti
- Pullman Bucharest - World Trade Center Hotel Bucuresti
- Radisson Blu Bucharest Hotel Bucuresti
- Ramada Majestic Hotel Bucuresti
- Ramada Parc Hotel Bucuresti
- Ramada Plaza Bucharest Hotel Bucuresti
- Rin Grand Hotel Bucuresti
- Sofitel Hotel Bucuresti
- Stil Hotel Bucuresti
- SuterInn Hotel Bucuresti
- Tempo Hotel Bucuresti
- Tiny Club Hotel Bucuresti
- Unique Hotel Bucuresti
- Z Executive Boutique Hotel Bucuresti
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Hoteluri de 4 stele
Hoteluri de 3 stele
Hoteluri de 2 stele
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Pensiuni in Bucuresti
- Casa Mica Pensiune Bucuresti
- Casa Verde Pensiune Bucuresti
- Motanul Galanton Pensiune Bucuresti
- Sanliv Confort Pensiune Bucuresti
:: Accommodation Categories ::   APARTAMENTE
Apartamente in Bucuresti
- 1 Marriott Apartament Bucuresti
- 10 Mall Apartament Bucuresti
- 11 Unirii Apartament Bucuresti
- 12 Near Lido Hotel Apartament Bucuresti
- 13 Marriott Apartament Bucuresti
- 14 Hilton Apartament Bucuresti
- 15 Unirii Apartament Bucuresti
- 16 Unirii Apartament Bucuresti
- 17 Libertatii Apartament Bucuresti
- 18 United Nations Apartament Bucuresti
- 19 Camera Comert Apartament Bucuresti
- 2 Mall Apartament Bucuresti
- 20 Marriott Apartament Bucuresti
- 21 Magheru Apartament Bucuresti
- 22 Brezoianu Apartament Bucuresti
- 24 Magheru Apartament Bucuresti
- 25 Cantemir Apartament Bucuresti
- 26 Intercontinental Apartament Bucuresti
- 27 Romana Apartament Bucuresti
- 28 Magheru Apartament Bucuresti
- 29 Decebal Apartament Bucuresti
- 3 Victoriei Apartament Bucuresti
- 30 Unirii Apartament Bucuresti
- 31 Decebal Apartament Bucuresti
- 32 Magheru Blvd Apartament Bucuresti
- 33 Sala Palatului Apartament Bucuresti
- 34 Mall Apartament Bucuresti
- 35 Magheru Apartament Bucuresti
- 36 Long Term Rental Apartament Bucuresti
- 37 Unirii Apartament Bucuresti
- 38 Rossetti Apartament Bucuresti
- 39 Balcescu Apartament Bucuresti
- 4 Unirii Apartament Bucuresti
- 40 Victoriei Apartament Bucuresti
- 41 Libertatii Apartament Bucuresti
- 42 Kogalniceanu Square Apartament Bucuresti
- 43 Unirii Apartament Bucuresti
- 44 United Nations Apartament Bucuresti
- 45 Decebal Apartament Bucuresti
- 46 Unirii Apartament Bucuresti
- 47 Unirii Apartament Bucuresti
- 48 Unirii Apartament Bucuresti
- 49 Capitol Apartament Bucuresti
- 5 Marriott Apartament Bucuresti
- 50 Magheru Apartament Bucuresti
- 6 Unirii Apartament Bucuresti
- 7 Unirii Apartament Bucuresti
- 8 Nerva Apartament Bucuresti
- 9 Unirii Apartament Bucuresti
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Bucuresti & Brasov
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Harta Bucuresti
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Comentariile clientilor nostri:
Guillermo (Madrid Spain) - 4/9/2008
This descricion is real far away from a terror movie. Motanul Galanton PENSION Firs of all I would said that the only problem that I have in Rumania whit a pension whas the next one. I have been in others in Sighisoara (Transilvania) for example and it where really good. But this is another description. 2 th april 2008, 11 pm, Me and a friend where close to Bucarest airport looking for a pension to avoid the previsible problems due to NATO miting in Bucarest. When we arrived to the pension the treat in the recepcion was good, no problem. The room was fine as well. The problems apears later, at 12am in the night, the music in the recepcion was really high, imposible to sleep. We where to speak with the recepcionist and we find a small party in the saloon, 7 people totally drunk, but we explained to the reception man that we want to sleep, he said that there was no problem, they where going to reduce the volume of the music. We returned to our room, the music was reduced but was not enought so at 2am in the night we went again to said that whit this sound was impossible to sleep. We explained to the recepcionist and the manager of the pension, whom where totally drunk that we where spanish and we understand party but we thought that at that hour (thuesday 2am in a pension) it was no reasonable and that we wanted the total stop of the noise. The answer where that the only posibilitie was to change the room, not to stop the party or the noise. We answered that it was not enought and in this case we want back our money. Far away of apologized they( 7 people drunk) begun to insult us, they put the maximun volume etc etc, it is no easy in a foreing country to speak with this kind of people. What can you do when the manager of a pension insult you totally drunk and said that this is a pension and is not a hotel so they can do what ever he want? We said them that we where going to call the police, they laughted of us and said us that the police was their friend. As we didnt want more problems, we returned to our new room that they given us where of course the noise was horrible. We try to rest, but you can imagine....and the next day early in the morning we discover a little present from them in our rent car, one of the tire was punctured. This is what you can find in Motanul Galanton PENSION, absolutly not recommended.
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